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Bulldog dialer

Instant Lead Data Where You Need it Most

Get lead ad notifications and responses sent via email, SMS, and to the bulldog dialer and CRM and email marketing platforms. Send notifications to one or more platforms. With bulldog dialer, you can receive Facebook lead ad notifications & data where you can respond to them quickest.

Studies have shown that responding to a lead within 5 minutes can significantly improve your sales closure rates. Waiting longer than 5 minutes decreases your odds of qualifying leads by 80%.

Glued to CSVs? Start using Lead Generation Ads as it is meant to be.

Lead Generation Ads requires you to export and import leads all day long, every day. This takes up too much of your time!

The worst thing is that you can't send an email or an SMS or a call right when the lead comes in. This compromises the lead quality and effectiveness of your Marketing and Advertising efforts.

Get in touch today to find out how the bulldog dialer can improve the productivity and lead flow of your business.