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Bulldog dialer

£29.99 Per agent / per week
  • Unlimited landline & mobile calls
  • Auto dial
  • Manual dial
  • Call recording
  • Live call monitoring
  • Call and agent reporting
  • Live lead sync to CRM


How does the predictive dialler work?
Can you customise the dialler to my needs?
Can I use the dialer across multiple sites or for homeworkers?
Can I integrate my existing CRM?
How does the predictive dialler work?

When connected, a predictive dialler works with a list of numbers and connects each of the answered dials with the people who are making the calls. Hosted diallers use a statistical algorithm in order to effectively minimise the amount of time that an agent spends waiting for the next conversation. At the same time, a power dialler allows the people on the other end of the line to spend less time waiting for an agent to become available, effectively maximizing efficiency. If all of the agents are busy, then the algorithm resets itself until an agent becomes available, and the call is put through immediately to ensure that no valuable time is lost.

Can you customise the dialler to my needs?

All of the diallers can be fully customised in order to meet any and all business needs. BulldogDialler works with numerous clients, each of whom has varying lists of customisations that they would like to use to shape the service in order to work better with them. Our experienced in-house technical and design teams are ready and on standby to help customers build any type of dialing service that they want.

Can I use the dialer across multiple sites or for homeworkers?

Fortunately for customers whose business plans involve the use of multiple sites, our hosted predictive dialing services are entirely web-based. This means that they can be easily implemented into numerous sites, and can also be accessed by homeworkers easily and effectively without the requirement of additional, more advanced articles of hardware.

Can I integrate my existing CRM?

Bulldog dialer offers a CRM system that helps streamline your marketing processes and for customers who have their own CRM, simultaneous functionality with hosted dialler services can be a concern. However, through our carefully maintained specifications, we can easily ensure that both the dialler and the CRM will be able to function with each other without any hindrances to either.

Why You Should Use a Predictive Dialer for Your Business

What is Predictive Dialer? A predictive dialer is a smart system that processes outbound calls and manages them. It uses computer algorithms to dial the phone numbers stored in its database and continuously assigns calls to sales representatives.

1. Can Improve Productivity Through the Use of Efficient Algorithms

The predictive dialer’s efficient computer algorithms can determine how long it takes each sales representative to complete a call. It can also predict when it should start dialing the next number to start a new call.

Predictive dialer software can analyze the number of calls it should make. To achieve this, it draws data from the following sources and factors:

  • Call drop ratio
  • Number of available sales reps
  • Number of lines that are operational
  • Average time spent by each sales rep on a call

Based on this data, it can adjust its dial ratio and call frequency. As a result, the predictive dialer system can increase the efficiency of sales reps.

Now, reps can maximize the time they spend making calls. The system allows them to handle two calls within the same time it would have otherwise taken them if they didn’t use a predictive dialer.

2. Automatically Assigns Calls to Available Sales Representatives

The predictive dialer is intelligent enough to detect if a sales rep is available to take a call. It automatically assigns the next call to an available rep, which means they can’t choose which call they will entertain or ignore.

This process requires all sales reps to be competent enough to handle any call. It also prevents them from displaying bias over which prospects and customers they will attend and entertain.

3. Blends and Manages Inbound and Outbound Calls

Using a predictive dialer to manage outbound and inbound calls

If your business deals with both inbound customer service and outbound sales calls, the predictive dialer system will greatly benefit you.

It blends and manages inbound and outbound calls. This means it can work hand-in-hand with an automated call distribution system to assign calls to available sales reps.

Between these two systems, a predictive dialer has the ability to queue callers when there is no available sales rep yet.

It can also take caller messages, which lets the reps know what the caller needs. If the customer hangs up while on queue, the sales rep can easily call them back and provide what they need.

4. Organizes and Manages Client Database

Another advantage of having a predictive dialer software is you can organize and manage your database for clients. The software keeps all records relevant to your business, so you can always pull up the data when you need to.

The dialer detects call results and archives the records under specific categories in the client database. It can adjust the structure of the call based on its previous records.

To ensure that your sales reps can cover all leads, the software provides a list of numbers that were busy and not picked up. In turn, they can call these numbers again.

The software also maintains a list of numbers that belong to people who don’t wish to receive your sales reps’ call again. This client management system keeps your sales team from wasting time calling numbers that do not have the potential to generate sales.

5. Keeps the Database Up-To-Date

Having a predictive dialer ensures you have an updated client database. There will be no unattended caller as the software keeps a list of numbers that require a callback.

The person’s preferred call time is also recorded, so the dialer automatically contacts them on the specified time.

Even prior to taking the call, sales reps can keep themselves updated with the callers’ concerns through relevant information provided by the software.

6. Ensures Equal Workload Among Sales Representatives

Dividing calls using a predictive dialer

Since the predictive dialer is an automated system, sales reps and managers can expect an equal distribution of workload among the team.

Sales reps receive and handle a steady stream of calls from the dialer. It is up to them to make the most out of each call they handle.

7. Improves Individual and Team Performances

The continuous and automatic stream of calls allows sales reps to be more productive. Once they get used to the predictive dialer process, their efficiency will eventually improve.

Everyone has a chance to up their skills in selling and handling concerns over the phone. This system also challenges them to manage their time wisely with each call.

Once the dialer software learns call patterns, it can apply the data it gathered on the structure of the call. This gives sales reps more time to speak with prospects whom they can convert to customers.

The predictive dialer can increase your sales reps’ productivity. As a result, their morale improves — they can hit their sales targets easier and bring in more profit.

8. Allows Sales Managers to Track Sales Rep Performance

With the predictive dialer software, sales managers can monitor sales reps’ calls and check the call recordings. This lets them know who needs extra help with their customer service skills so they can provide the training needed.

Sales managers can also pull in sales rep performance reports from the system. They can use this data for accountability and to provide a proper evaluation for each rep.

9. It’s Cost-Efficient

Increasing productivity using a predictive dialer

It’s worth investing in a predictive dialer since it has a good return on investment. With this system in place, you can provide customers better service, thus increasing the chances of retaining them and gaining higher profit.

Having a predictive dialer ensures a smooth process, from making outbound calls to retaining essential information, within your database. It can truly increase your business’ capabilities and performance.

Automating your outbound dialer system will yield a smoother process for your daily operations. It can also increase your sales team’s efficiency and productivity, which eventually results in higher lead conversions and sales. We hope these tips have helped you learn about the benefits of a predictive dialer.